Still Learning by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 26

I’m still learning. Learn something new everyday. One of the reasons I love Pinterest, I get to see some new type of bug, flower, or bird each day. After teaching Biology ten years, I am amazed at how little I know. I especially like strangers from strange places because they are far more likely to have something posted I’ve never seen.

For example, can’t tell you how happy I was to find this lovely series of clouds posted by a new follower. On twitter the other day, a trending topic was “things our children will never experience.” One of those things was ‘staring up at clouds’. Spent lots of happy hours looking up at the clouds and trying to be the first to shout out “a train” and everyone else would look until they saw it too, or “running horse,” or a “UFO”, etc.. Seeing so many new forms of clouds at one time was revelatory for me. It made me want to go out and lie in the grass and look up.

But I didn’t. I sat and stared at the computer and searched for more people posting clouds. LOL. Reassuring to learn that most of these are regional and restricted to specific climates and terrain. Another reason to travel. I probably would never be able to see them from the backyard anyway. A good excuse for not trying to get up and down from the lawn.

Used to love it. Lolling around on the grass, never worried about it being itchy, or getting grass stains. We just played and sweated and got dirty. We would witch caterpillars out of the ground on wild onion stems. Sprinkle slugs with salt to see them melt and die (gruesome, I know, but something we did.) We picked dandelions with serious care, so we could make a wish on a perfect one before blowing it. Loved dandelions then, so bright and yellow in the lawn – no one saw them as alien weeds to eliminate. We looked for four leaf clovers for luck, had sword fights with tall blades of Johnson grass, and of course, stared at the clouds.

Our yard when I was a girl was spotty and patchy, had corners with tall grass, some places where we’d ‘worn out the grass’ and other areas sprinkled with red clover and yellow dandelions. We loved it. As I mentioned earlier, we were outside from dawn to dark, playing games, running around, or just sitting and resting on the ground.

In my subdivision now, the lawns are green and plush and well-mowed. I never see a child outside, let alone lolling around on the grass. People would probably call the police if they saw them there, like the free-range children a month or so ago who were arrested for walking home from the park without an adult.

Guess like me they are inside with the air conditioner running, staring at a screen somewhere, maybe at a cloud. Learning something new about it. We are always learning.


2 thoughts on “Still Learning by J.R.Biery”

  1. I really have a head like concrete when I’m trying to learn. Takes me a long time to assimilate something new, but once I’ve got it, it’s there forever. Feel blessed.


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