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Blog Post 24


Noodling around, trying to think of a new writing topic.

Must blog first. A month is a long time. Maybe this is too big a challenge. Nope, must persist. So, tonight I googled trending topics. Did you realize it was National Hot Dog Day? I love hot dogs – would have gone to Sonic for a $1 dog. Good thing I just did my search. Never eat after eight.

There is a lion roaming loose in Milwaukee. Used a giant lion loose in cattle country as the trigger event for Chimera Pass. Not trying that again.

NASA estimates 1 billion ‘Earths’ in our galaxy alone. Reassuring confirmation to all those who have seen or had intimate encounters with UFO’s.  Maybe our planet is a tourist site for most inter-galactic travelers. If so, I wonder if they keep up with exciting events like National Hot Dog Day? Haven’t written a sci-fi novel yet, but one never knows what idea may grab hold. Keeping an open mind.

Some bars are celebrating National Tequila Day. Not sure if they are serving that with hot dogs or not. Only story I’ve written about liquor was my first short story, Revenooer. Published it on Kindle recently.

There is the latest mass shooting (11) in Lafayette, Louisiana. Too terrifying to think about. This new millennium has been full of such tragedies. I’ve only written one novel with a killer as a main character, Edge of Night. No desire to write about another.

There is Hillary’s latest scandal, more about the emails she hid. I’ve never written about politics, well local school board politics a little in Will Henry, my depression era novel. I’m sure I would use a politician if I needed a believable villain for a murder mystery.  Probably not for romance. Although the mayor in Star, Texas was a good villain for The Milch Bride.

Although I’ve listened to at least two webinars on fiction writing that recommend this method for getting a story idea, I don’t think it’s going to work for me. I’m not a trendy person, no fashion sense, could care less about this list of who is breaking up, making up, or a happy new couple. Don’t understand why people are so interested in celebrities and their personal affairs. Think it’s probably because we don’t know enough neighbors and friends to get all the gossip we need. People love gossip, the more outrageous the better. Edna Potter, in Potter’s New Field, now that was an old gal who loved gossip.

Tried a trendy topic once in a short screenplay. Voodoo, I Do is about a frustrated, hard-working young wife with a worthless boyfriend. When a nice lady from Haiti moves in next door, she helps turn him into an obedient zombie. Idea came after a session at the Tennessee Screenwriters when the speaker said everyone had a zombie movie script. I didn’t, so I went home and wrote one.

Might work. Just watched a surprisingly tender performance by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film called Maggie. Parents and friends are dealing with the horror of people they love becoming Zombies. I was surprised to actually enjoy the movie. So these trendy things can work. See the critics all hated it. Almost no on-screen violence.

Think I will change the format on that short screenplay and make it a short story. Have found my next writing project. Maybe googling trends is not without merit after all.



5 thoughts on “Trendy Topics by J.R.Biery”

  1. Loved Potter (new) Field (?) and Edna…is this anew book or the old one? Couldn’t lay my hands on my copy to confirm. Love this blog to, you make me want to start writing again. Ah well, maybe once the grass stops growing.


  2. Old one Geneil, although I did republish it on Amazon last year. I appreciate that you’re enjoying the blogs. I feel like an idiot when I read them the next morning, but a challenge is a challenge and I just let them flow out at night. Getting ready to write a new one. Thanks for reaching out. Love, Janet


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