Editing Again by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 25


Editing Bright Morning Star again. Have heard back from three beta readers and all caught a few things, so back in to make more corrections. Should have taken an hour, maybe two. But the work is now formatted into a Create Space version and a Kindle version. So basically, doing the job twice. Should be simple, but it’s not. Page numbers don’t match in the two versions and as I look for the phrases to edit, I keep reading the book again.

Ridiculous, I know how the story goes. Yet there are sentences to tweak, scenes to review one more time. Love the input of readers, makes me more confident in the book. Love correcting every error – I’d love for the book to be perfect. Know it probably still won’t be, no matter how hard I work. Maybe if I just quit editing. Worry I may be introducing new errors while correcting the old.

Almost done. Another hundred pages or so to be sure. But I keep reading the scenes, smiling at the one’s I thought were funny, tearing up at the sad ones. Suffering with these characters one more time. Hoping readers will be as pleased as I am at this story. Almost ready to share with the world.

Bright Morning Star is available for preorder at http://www.amazon.com/dp//B0122DD7LQ



2 thoughts on “Editing Again by J.R.Biery”

  1. Love you Elizabeth for all the encouragement. Look forward to your review when the book is no longer in preorder – I think the last day is August 7th.


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