Setting Goals by J.R. Biery


Blog Post 22

Setting goals is very important to changing dreams into reality. This week I have been working hard on the two books I’ve just finished writing. Have successfully edited (I hope) both books. There comes a point after the sixth or eighth or ninth pass through a novel, when the words start to lose their impact. I feel blessed to have a few friends and followers who volunteered to read these recent works and give me feedback.

I know from past experience, some will be quick, (have feedback from one already). Others may not finish the read due to circumstances they can’t prevent or change. Since the book Bright Morning Star is on preorder, the final draft has to be on file by the 28th. I trust the things they find will be small, but small or large, I’m prepared to make changes. There is no such thing as a perfect book. No matter how inspired you feel, how real the characters and their story feels to you, it is very hard to write a book without errors or blemishes. This is another chance for me to give the story another polish. Excited to hear their reactions.

I set a huge goal at the first of the year, to publish twelve new things. So far, I’ve written and published four, Valley of Shadows, 3rd in my Western Wives Series, Glitter of Magic, first in my new Myth Retold Series, The Mermaid’s Gift, the second in the new series. I also published a short story, my first magazine sale from years ago, called The Revenooer. I’ve written two other short stories, which were scheduled for anthologies. Will let you know when either is published. So, if I get these two novels done this month, technically, I will have written eight new things. We’ll see how I end up in December. Always playing catch-up.

Prefer self-publishing to being published. I never realized it, but I really am a bit of a control freak. I might even be obsessive, compulsive, though I’m not convinced on that score.

What about you? What are some of your goals for the year and how is it going? Comment below or send me an email at If you’d like to be an early reader or reviewer for either of these books, just ask. Happy to email you an ARC copy.

Happy writing, gardening, and pursuing your own goals.

The picture at the top is a golden eagle like the pair that are in our yard. Spotted both yesterday. Today, only heard them, never saw either one. Thank goodness for Pinterest. They are great birds though. I don’t think they belong in our region, but since they are the mascot for the local college, maybe they’ve always been here and we are the ones out-of-pocket.


3 thoughts on “Setting Goals by J.R. Biery”

  1. I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. Creativity is a fascinating idea and I wanted to live it out in books however, due to some reason or another I always stopped writting the book I would start.
    Recently though I have found a lot of positive success in informative blogging. Being an ex-teacher myself I really love being able to teach people and push them to greater heights.
    The fact that you have even published 4 things this year is absolutely inspiring and your hard work deserves to be rewarded. Your goals are very ambitious but they are driving you to success and that is something special. Thank you for the inspiration, I will make sure I subscribe to keep in touch.


    1. Wow, made my night. Never dreamed I would be inspiring. LOL. Actually, added my new edits to Bright Morning Star today and it is book twelve since March last year. Have seventeen things on line, although only four have sold well. Love that you can put a book up on Kindle and see if anyone is interested in it. Need to take the non movers and maybe re-edit or change covers or blurbs or probably all three. Getting this next book, High Desert Poem into shape. If anyone wants an ARC copy to review, just let me know. Happy to share for the feedback.


    2. Thank you so much for the kind reaction. It really is a fascinating change to blog and publish. I’m a timid soul as well, but I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and only a few rocks thrown, so still putting stuff out there. It is a very crowded world now and quite a challenge. I’m afraid I will have to learn to market my work, but I feel like now is the time in life to get around to it. None of us live forever. At least I will have a little trail of published stories left behind to prove I existed.


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