Down by J.R.Biery


Blog Post 23

I’m down today. It has rained all day and although I dressed to go to the Y to swim, walked by and got caught by the bed again. Down for the count. No exercise.

Wasted day, reading email, pinning, listening to webinars. The self-publishing summit has been awesome – lot of inspirational speakers – and I had fallen behind in listening. But I don’t want to capture people, and promote affiliates, and I know I will never make millions on the internet. To hear how easy it is doesn’t really help me. Technology doesn’t feel like my friend. Selling is difficult for me and I can hear how to sell a million times and know I will not be doing it. Feel worse, knowing I should get excited by the potential to milk readers like a cash cow but it’s not something I want to do. Terrible image. Just want to share my stories with them.

After fifty days in Nanowrimo mode, ninja full on writing, it is a let down not to be generating pages. Editing, proofing, formatting, posting books, all of it is important too. It is all part of the process and necessary. Wish I loved it as much as writing. Read how many writers love the book work and editing the best. Can’t imagine, since I’m happiest when my mind is full of the story I’m creating and I am writing full out.

Feel kind of in limbo, waiting to hear from all the readers, make all the last changes. Have heard back from the first three beta readers, all enthusiastic and loving the story. Makes me happy to have someone love these people of my imagination. I have to admit, I fall in love with each and everyone of them. Miss being with them when the story ends.

I think that’s it, why I’m down. I’m at the end of a novel and I want another world to drop into, more people with problems to overcome. I have to get ready to start another journey. An important part of writing is the down time, the daydreaming, muddling around the edges of the story time. Think I will relax, listen to the rain, find and watch an old movie, maybe one that will make me cry. Look at Pinterest for prompts and images of gateways. Imagine a path, who is on the path, why are they there, how are they moving – relaxed and happy or running in terror – where are they going?  Let the next story find me and start to form and come to life. Until it’s time to write.



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