Reflections by J.R.Biery


Blog Post 21

Relaxed a little today. Talked to dear friends and family, but several had real problems. I like fiction, because when something terrible is happening to good people, you can have the hero come in to rescue them and help them be all right again. In real life, when someone I love is depressed, or dealing with pain, or have lost people they loved and who were a big part of the fabric of their lives — I don’t know what to say. I have no magic words to make it better. I love you is never enough.

Attended the Foxleaf Author’s workshop, a group of Indie-published writers who meet at a local bookstore. Enjoyed the mix of the new excited, hopeful, but have not finished a book writers, and the jaded, experienced writers who are worried about sales. Nice to share a hobby and talk business. Appreciate Charion Slocum, who lets us meet at the Foxleaf Book Store.

We have a pair of eagles who have gifted our lives this summer with their presence. They are larger than hawks, which we’ve had visit the yard over the years. These are big, golden birds. We thought it was only one, then yesterday, two roosted in the sycamore tree together. Jerry saw them first, but when I came out and said ‘oh wow,’ they took flight. Today they were back. We had out the binoculars and our cell phones. Tried, but I think birds are worse than shy children. If they even think you have a camera, they disappear. Will try harder to get a picture. Loveliest of all was when they were calling to each other. It was a clear, screaming whistle. I know that doesn’t sound right, but one was talking from the dead pine at one end of the yard to the other who was in a big oak tree. Great thing to share with the birds and each other.

Life is too fleeting. Happiness too sweet not to savor. Take the time and appreciate those you love and pray for those in sorrow.


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