Self-Publishing Steps by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 19

Another day working hard at writing without creating anything new. The hardest part of self-publishing is the ‘me, myself, and I’ process of getting the work done. I mentioned in my blog, that my western novel is finished, and offered a free reader copy to anyone who will read and give me feedback or a review. Three brave souls volunteered.

Today I worked on formatting my edited manuscript for CreateSpace (paperback form) and then for Kindle (ebook form). Posted the book on both sites. Required to give a publication date on Create Space so set it up for Pre-order format. Expect to get final changes from all four readers, (I’m counting on my readers to be critical and find lots of boo-boos) in before the delivery/sell date of August 7th.

But nothing goes smoothly, of course. Only when you see the book in book form, can you make some changes. A page that has one line, or worse, a blank page, ragged paragraph, etc. are only revealed once you’ve submitted the project. Had four blank pages (they looked like half pages in the manuscript, but not after going through the publishing program). Luckily, they only required reformatting and submitting the edited manuscript. Of course that created two more pages that now needed reformatting, and resubmitting the manuscript.

Then there was the cover. It wasn’t a sharp enough image for Amazon. So I had to find new images and create another cover in order to get the manuscript submitted so that I could do the pre-edit in Kindle Previewer.

And, I needed to do all that so I could send my three adorable readers the book file in mobi (Kindle format). I realize that if I could master Scrivener, it would do all the formatting for me. But I figure I am only going to live so long, and Scrivener makes me scream in frustration. I know I am smart enough to figure it out, but I ran out of patience years ago, and it requires mega-doses of patience.

So one book is almost done. Yeah. Yesterday I finished the edits on my Camp Nanowrimo book and may go ahead and do the same process for it on Amazon to self-publish it. I don’t have any beta readers yet for it. My weird stuff doesn’t have a lot of readers. Although most of the readers do enjoy them and leave kind reviews, I worry they may all be former friends of mine. Hate to ruin relationships on it, so will probably get my husband to read it. He is a great critic, and it definitely needs outside eyes. Will work on the jacket blurb and pitch for it tomorrow, and will share that with you in a future blog.

I wish I didn’t get such a charge out of all of this. But each little step finished feels like a tiny pearl in place for a lovely bracelet. Books sit so much neater and prettier on a bookshelf than a pile of manuscript pages, and when filed on Amazon, are so much safer than stored on some computer disc or drive.

Here is the cover from today. Happy Writing from this little red hen.



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