Resting by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 17


Pluto images are spectacular. The poor little guy should still be called a planet, in my humble opinion. Has the cutest name, is the farthest away, so why should being the smallest one matter? It is just resting on the edge of our solar system. I wonder if Pluto dreams up stories about us?

Resting. Part of the creative process is allowing the mind to escape and travel its own paths. You really can’t dream up a new story unless you give yourself the time to float and daydream. It’s easy trying to participate in so many personal challenges, to forget to rest and refuel.

Finished my line edits on one project. Now to find readers and tackle formatting and cover design while they read. I’ve never been accused of being a patient person. I want to do things instantly and be done. Writing is not that type of hobby. I find taking a breath, observing, analyzing, and editing my story strangely stressful. Taken many deep breaths and tried to remove myself from the work finished, to approach it only as a reader.

Have listened, or tried to listen today, to a webinar on the emotional and meditative journey. Not sure I will ever reach a Zen state. But I did take a nap.

Why this blog is posted late. Also got caught up in watching webinars I should have watched the day before and today.

Here is the link to one series:

Here is the one from the previous posts :

Did use the new editing software enough to form an opinion. Was fast, smooth, no copy and pasting required to use Ginger. I enjoyed how quickly I could move through all 100+K words with Ginger. Did not agree with all the suggestions it made, but like any critic, I ignored the suggestions I didn’t like. Ignoring is always satisfying, but I’m not sure how smart.

Hope to have outside opinions on the book soon.

If you’d like to be an early reader, I will send you a free copy. Contact me at


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