Line Editing by J.R.Biery


Blog Post 16

Working on line edits on my latest novel, Bright Morning Star. Finishing my sixth full read through, and taking care of the little things. At least all I can find and correct. Plan to send it to Beta readers this weekend, hopefully, have suggestions and a list of missed errors to correct in a week or so. Then there is formatting and uploading it, hopefully with a better cover than the one I have used while writing it.

Books are like icebergs, one tenth the writing, nine tenths the rest. Luckily, I’m not sick of all the pass throughs and still smile at the good parts and get teary eyed at the sad ones. Who knows what readers will think? I want them to love the characters and the story as much as I do. It is really hard to finish a book and let go. It is almost as hard as sending a child off to kindergarten.

Did find a new tool today, helped make this edit go a lot faster than I expected. It didn’t make all the right corrections, but than a tool just gives you a choice and you have to know what you meant to say enough to choose the right one.

This is called Ginger, First time to use it today, but love that I didn’t have to copy and paste text and keep two windows open, one with suggestions and one with the document to be altered. Hope to finish tomorrow and will give you a more complete report then. For now, I love it. Of course, it was Free.


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