Software Hard Knocks by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 14
Refocused today on a couple of goals. Sometimes I find I have to be flexible, although it is not in my nature.

Finished the script conversion to a novella – cannot stretch it out to novel length. Will work on polishing and publishing it within the next week or two. Left me with my second day during Camp Nanowrimo without posting a lot of words. Solved by reworking my goal for camp – I had planned to change the script to fiction and that part is done. It is not a novel though. Still, I see the original goal of 50,000 in my mind’s eye, taunting me. Solved by taking out another old script. Will tinker with it until it is converted into fiction – probably a short story.

Still have last month’s novel that I’ve written on and off for nearly a year. Finished the draft at the end of June. Finished the major rewrite yesterday. Oh, but the edits. That will take a while.

Which brings me to tackling software.
To open the new script file on this computer, had to download Screenwriting software. Wrote the script in Celtx, a free screenwriting program that works great for a novice, would-be- screenwriter like myself. Only, they’ve updated the version to be Cloud based. Finally managed to get the old version installed on my laptop. Worked like a charm. Opened the short screenplay in Celtx, then converted to PDF format.

Opened Word 2013, and changed the PDF to a document file, docx. Now I have an outline ready to use to create the story.

I am editing the completed novel from last month, Bright Morning Star. Opened it and worked awhile. I love the Hemingway app. I bought a copy for $5 at some point a year or so ago and wanted to use it. The software is great for telling you the readability level, marking your adverbs, passive voice, and overly complex sentences. Downloaded this great tool from Did not have to pay, not sure why, unless it knows I have a legal copy already. (The new version is 6.99 for PC or Mac and saves to the Cloud.) Highly recommend it.

Toyed with downloading Grammerly – I’d read somewhere they have a free version for your Chrome dashboard. Sorry, but I didn’t succeed. I don’t have Chrome Dashboard either. Will try to tackle that one another day, although probably not. I’ve used a free editing program called in the past. It is an online (app, program?) that you copy and paste your document into (I usually work a chapter at a time). It checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, and can tell if you plagiarize someone else’s work. Not sure how, but suspect it involves the Cloud somehow. I like it because it will give you an approximate grade A+, etc. If I don’t have at least a B, I work it over some more. Like it because it tells me where the commas should go. I’ve always sprinkled a few in when I finish writing but I’ve been told they’re not all in the right places.

I suspect editing would be a lot easier if I were an English major, or weren’t such a Tennessee hillbilly. But raising will out.

Did I mention we’ve been having thunderstorms all day. Had to leave the pool early this morning due to lightning. Every time I put on my suit again, another line of storms came through. So no laps. The same with my work on the keyboard. It repeatedly knocked out the cable television, internet, and played havoc with my laptop all day.

It is about one o-clock in the morning, so this post is late. But at least I have the Internet and computer working. Hopefully late is better than never. It was such a fun-filled day, I just had to share. Any Boomer who has tackled technology all day will understand the Hard Knocks.

Here are a few links:

Sorry, haven’t edited this blog or any of the earlier ones. Use me as a bad example if you must. Just wanted you to see what I’m up against.


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