Moving Forward by J.R.Biery

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Moving forward from this point is not really a choice, but a reality. I intend to make the best of it and get the most joy I can from every new day. Feel blessed to be so young and happy. How did that quote go, “today I am as old as I have ever been, and today I am as young as I will ever be again”?

Yesterday I revealed my dream of having a house by the water. Not likely without winning the lottery, but at least possible. Today I looked around at my home and asked myself what I would want to move, what I would sell, and what I could leave.  I’m pretty sure I will never move again. My lord, thirty-seven years in the same house. It would be a monstrous task.

Tips for today – from Pinterest again.

To help start the process of decluttering from my board on Projects to try.

To help with blogging – from my board on writers, if anyone else is trying this blogging challenge.

Finished my first project for Camp Nanowrimo and looking for another for this month. Think condensing an idea into pitch format is a great way to test out a new story idea. Here is Tate Johnson’s take on it.

Happy writing. Encourage you to take the right branch in the road. Looking backward is just as bad as standing still.


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