New Creative Renaissance by J.R.Biery


Blog Post 11

This New Creative Renaissance is more powerful and democratic than the original. In case, like me you’ve forgotten the first renaissance, it happened from the 14th to 17th century and brought Europe from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. It began in Italy with Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo who were famous artists before they became Ninja Turtles.  Music flourished, religion was transformed by Liberal thinkers like Thomas More, Martin Luther, and John Calvin. There were great works in literature by Shakespeare, Marlowe, Cervantes, Milton, and many others. Every country in Europe had its creative thinkers and major artists. It was a flowering of all the arts after centuries of darkness.

It was the time (1439) when a German blacksmith became a printer and publisher after inventing the movable type press. Knowledge moved from the hands of the elite to circulate among the masses. There was the Gutenberg Bible in 1455. Before the sacred text had been hand-copied and kept in the hands of only a few. Not just religion, but scientific thinking, philosophy, and even books of romance and adventure spread everywhere as books became inexpensive, mass-produced works.

The printing press and patrons of the art made it all possible then.

Today’s Renaissance is not restricted to gifted artists and learned scholars. It is truly democratic.

Look on the Internet, where new music, books, screenplays, and works of art are shared around the world as soon as they are created. Millions are exploring their creative side by writing the book of their heart, seeking to produce a great  work of art, a hit song, an independent film, or some new combination of all of these.

The New Creative Renaissance is made possible by the Internet and government patronage. The world wide web provides a platform to share and distribute creative output, instantly. Government patronage occurs through retirement income, welfare checks, and government grants. Without the constant struggle for survival, humans can turn to other uses for their energy and intellect. There is the added lure of this new opportunity to become rich and famous from something you create. No one needs an agent, a big break out moment, just slap it up on the Internet and see if it finds an audience. Thus we have an amazing flourishing of all things creative, like a rain soaked garden full of blooms and bounty.

I am captivated by Pinterest. On my board

there are ten new innovative works for almost every three classical pieces. The range of materials and interpretive skills is awe inspiring.

One cannot but wonder what will emerge next from this well of creative energy.

Viva the New Creative Renaissance.


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