Ultimate Blogging Challenge by J.R.Biery

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Blog 8

I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo this month. I set the goal at 50,000, just like the November competition, but probably will change it to the length of the novel I am working on, if I can figure that out before the deadline for updating the goal. I love to win. Did the Camp challenge in April and wrote a novella. A group of writers were doing a nano style competition in June called Junowrimo. Did that as well, and I finally have a completed draft of Bright Morning Star, the fourth in my Western Historical Romance series done. Now I am tackling the edits. I really need to be pushed.

Words today 2212. Reading and marking my book manuscript from Junowrimo, 205 pages on it today. Blogging is tough, but this is all I can write tonight.

I guess it’s the word challenge. I’m a sucker for competition. I’m sure it’s the result of growing up in a family with five children and being the fourth. I don’t have the oldest, middle, or youngest child complex. I have the oh dear, another girl complex.

A year ago when a friend dared me and the other writers in our local group to publish on Kindle, well I took it as a great challenge. Since March last year I’ve added several. Take a look at Author.to/jrbiery



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