Editing by J.R.Biery

red-onions-498845__180Blog 7

Editing. It feels like peeling an onion, since it has to be worked in layers and it usually makes me cry.

The rough draft is finished. Now the real work starts. Today I am reading and praying there aren’t a lot of big edits. I do outline and pre-write, so usually there aren’t a lot of scene cuts or additions. Have killed chapters, scenes, and characters in the past. It can get bloody. But before the little things, one has to slay the giants and reexamine the plot and character arcs. Expect to spend the week on these big changes.

Next week I’ll be reading it all again, paragraph by paragraph, and line by line. Throwing out and tightening as I go. Hopefully I can get the copy edits as well. I usually work a chapter at a time. Do the read through, rewrites, then go back to do the copy edits – kill the _ly, _ing, very, really, started, etc. More about those as I work on the copy edits.

Here is a great pin on rewriting in a useful checklist format.



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