Ultimate Blog Challenge by J.R.Biery

Blog 1: July Posts, 2015
Well June has been hot in more ways than one. Signed up with a Twitter group who were doing their own Nanowrimos in June, called Junowrimos. Finished 53,265 but haven’t collected the sticker, boo. Will post it when I get one. Am starting Campnanowrimos tonight (another 50,000 – who knows if I’ll make that – hope to convert another screenplay into a novel.)
Trying to finish the last in my Western Wives Novel series has been a challenge -Clarice is such a sweet happy girl- it has been hard to be mean, mess up her life, and keep her miserable but I finished it today with a total of 101,643 words total.
Will edit it while working on new title – first time to try that. If anyone would like to be a Beta reader, I hope to have it decent to send by next week. Just email me at bieryj@charter.net and I’ll send you a free copy.
I’ve also signed up to try and blog everyday this month. It will probably be whining and more about writing. Sorry – it’s all I know.
Love you few who will look at these words.


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