INDEPENDENCE DAY – 4 Reasons to Celebrate by J.R.Biery

Blog Post 2

Independence Day  (4 reasons to be excited)
Getting ready for another great 4th.
1. Fireworks – have always loved them. Can remember running around with sparklers as soon as I could run (back then, parents didn’t hover).  Hope it doesn’t rain this Saturday so I can watch them live at the car show over at the fair grounds. Even if it rains, I’ll get to enjoy spectacular shows taking place around the country on television.
2. Independence – it’s not something to ever take for granted.  We get to vote for our leaders, so we can boo and bellow when they sell out to the highest bidder. Doesn’t happen in most of the world (the voting and booing).
3. Freedom – if we want, we can book a flight or hop in the car and go anywhere in this country. Now I Pinterest like a nut, can’t get enough of looking at all the beauty in the world, but especially in America.
4. Individual liberty – I can write books, publish them on Amazon, and find readers who actually enjoy what was just an idea or dream a short time before. It is the greatest time in the world for self-expression and to be a writer or reader. It’s true for musicians, film-makers, and artists as well. If it’s good, you can find an audience for what you create.
Hope you celebrate this 4th, I know I will.


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