My new Booklaunch page for The Milch Bride

Taking a pause from writing to try my entrepreneur hat – selling the darn things. As you can tell, it is a pretty dented cap since I don’t think I will ever learn the internet. But here is a page with more info about this book, The Milch Bride,

That link worked, let’s try the next in the Western Wives Series, From Darkness to Glory.

Third in the same series, Valley of Shadows.

A few mysteries.

Potter’s Field, the first book I sold to a real publisher, Advance Books (no longer in business). Republished recently on Amazon.

Killing the Darlings,

Edge of Night,

Two other romances

He’s My Baby Now,

A romance about a knight and a faerie, Glitter of Magic,

A Western Sci-Fi,

Almost forgot my favorite character, Will Henry,

So far, all I have learned about book sales is they only follow the reviews. How to get reviews? Clueless.