Thanksgiving and I want to thank all my reviewers. A few quotes I love.

This novel is a breath of fresh air.

During the storm Sandy, many different emotions flew back and forth, but nothing like the emotions when a young lawyer finds a baby abandoned on her door step.

If you like Agatha, I am sure you will like Miss Potter. This was a quick and easy read…

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes their mystery with a side of humor and chuckles! Great read.

Makes you want to read more about this retired teacher and her escapades. She’s feisty and believable and you like her a lot. .

This book kept me so interested that I read it straight through in two evenings. I’ll definitely watch for future books.

J R Biery has done a wonderful job of weaving a sci-fi thriller that I could not put down. Join Cal at Chimera Pass.

My only disappointment with the book was that it ended. I dearly would love to see more of this family to find out how they fared later in life.

…effortlessly captures a world that has now all but disappeared – a world in which the traditional virtues of faith, thrift and hard work are all-important.

The Milch Bride was excellent!! The most important part of any book, to me, is the story, and, she does this better than any I have read lately.

I have read many historical romance books never leave reviews, but I feel these books deserve a five star review!!!!!

I will definitely be reading more books from this author in future and I highly recommend this one.

You can’t go wrong when there’s a friendly and happy small boy in the mix.

Mix a little mystery, romance and you have a good novel. It kept my interest until the very end – couldn’t put it down.

This could have been a made for TV movie. It was interesting but different.

This is one of the best books I have read all year. It tugs at your heartstrings.

A beautiful story. I was really touched by Hattie and Jackson. Tragedy, love, suspense.

The Milch Bride is a very good read. I have enjoyed every page!

Kept entertained throughout the story. Some sad moments but happy ones as well.

Every once in a while I read a book that pulls you into the story. This one had tears running down my face.

This was a beautifully written story. I rarely shed a tear over a book but this story stole my heart. Excellent in every way.

This was a great book you will not be disappointed,I love it , Looking for more from this author.

I am 71 years old. Reading about the meals they enjoyed took me right back in time.

I give this book 15 out of 10 stars and I have found a great new author for western love stories.

Very touching story that I will remember for a long time.

Lost sleep over it because I couldn’t put it down. Hated for it to end.

I tell you folks, this is just a real good story and I highly recommend it! This is one bride book you don’t want to miss reading!